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This is what any new client can expect if they choose to enter a planning relationship with me: 

  1. Financial Planning is an Investment in Oneself. My role is to help you be accountable to yourself with respect to the financial tasks necessary for your goals to become reality. As such, you will be asked to make an investment in the financial planning process and the necessary vehicles that accompany the process. 
  2. Strategic Planning is Imperative for Success in Life. I understand and empathize that you are busy. I have found financially successful, goal-oriented individuals will make time for this service. Taking time out to discuss your goals, your progress to date, and what you need to do proactively are fundamental to the services provided. Meetings are conducted at one of my offices to provide an environment conducive to conversations and planning of this magnitude. If work and family demands leave you little time to attend to your financial affairs, beginning this relationship will help make that easier over time. Simply put, I have found financially successful individuals make this service a priority.
  3. Change is Inherent in the Pursuit of Life Goals. I believe your goals are extremely important to you. If you were on track for them, you would not be seeking council. Hence, I am probably going to ask you to change. I will facilitate that change, but I ask that you are open to it. If you are not open to challenges or accountability or resist change, you may want to reconsider the prospect of working with me.
  4.  If you are looking for someone to care as much about your success as you do, I would like to welcome you aboard. My goal is to become an objective resource you turn to for advice. That is why I routinely go above and beyond the scope of my engagements to make my clients happy with their choice to work with me. I strive to become your resource center- a place to turn for personalized counsel to help you through the ups and downs of life's pursuits. From the day you first commit to your financial goals, to reaching your first life milestone to leaving a legacy, I pledge to be there along the way.